Liftable or retractable rail

The raising or lowering of the hinge is automatic as soon as you activate the stairlift using the control lever. 

When the stairlift is at rest, all you have to do is press a button on the remote control to retract the hinge, eliminating the need for you to manipulate the rail. 

When you press the button, the stairclimber moves on the rail and goes into park position, after which the hinged part automatically retracts to allow the door to open. 


The hinged tracks should always be raised before the user goes to bed, especially to free access to the front door to the home or to clear the path of other users of the home.

Automatic swivel of the chair

The motorized pivoting at the top or bottom of the stairs to facilitate your access to your chair or an additional swivel that will allow you to pass through the narrowest stairwells.

Retention harness

It is possible to equip the seat with a special belt, such as a five-point belt, a three-point belt and a belt for fixing the legs.

Wide seating

Thanks to this option, your stairlift can reach a maximum capacity of 160 kg.