Modul Air
THE ideal solution for your staircase

 Possibility to keep your ramp

 Minimal space requirement

 Ultra compact rail

Quick and easy installation


The Modul Air stairlift is ideal for installation on the narrow, steep side of your staircase.

Ideal for keeping your ramp and leaving the wide side fully accessible for other members of your family.

The rail of this stairlift is also so thin that you hardly notice it. It hardly modifies your staircase.

On closer inspection, the Modul Air stairlift is astonishing: Its single rail looks delicate, but easily outperforms all competing rail systems in terms of functionality and durability.

The elegance and technique of this system form a perfect combination.

The thinnest rail in the world is available exclusively with the Modul Air stairlift.

Technical specifications

Maximum lifting capacity125 kg
Rail diameter60 mm
Reverse drive technologyIncluded
RailModul Air (simple)
Safety blockingExtended as standard
Batteries2 x 12V, 7Ah
NEN-EN 81-40 Certified
Sound level

Max 40 dBA


Available colors :

The thinnest rail in the world